Support, help, advice, sounding board, mentor, thinking partner, cheerleader, confidante, guide…

Vera 2013

I have been coaching for 14 years and have been working as a full time coach for the past 8 years. I was the founder of the EMCC Yorkshire Network and for the past 5 years, hosted Coaches Connect where coaches come together to share good practice. I am invited to speak regularly by organisations, clubs, networks and coaching conferences. See my speaking engagements here

I have experienced my fair share of challenges through my career journey… such as:

  • Not having any career focus when I started out and drifting into jobs without any career direction
  • Not talking about my achievements and ambitions as a manager and being passed up for promotion
  • Taking on senior roles and having to build my self- belief, confidence and credibility
  • Taking a break to have my children and then struggling to get good part time senior well paid jobs
  • Juggling family and work commitments, often being the only parent at home
  • Getting clear on my purpose and values when I needed life saving surgery
  • Taking a risk and leaving my well paid job to run my own practice
  • Standing out, public speaking and raising my profile in a crowded marketplace …which pushed my limits as an introvert
  • Being bold and turning ideas into reality, making mistakes, failing…as I build my practice
  • Learning to ask for help, being courageous to be vulnerable, becoming a giver, a servant leader as I grow older

I have a strong sense of social responsibility, giving and serving and have volunteered my time and skills in various capacities for most of my working life. Until recently I was Chair of the Ilkley Business Forum and a member of the Board of Governors at Bradford Teaching Hospitals.

I am currently a non executive director at the Thackary Museum , an ambassador for Board Ready Women and a mentor to 2 undergraduate students at Leeds University Business School

IMG_0457I have 2 teenage children, a never at home husband and love eating good food. My favourite place is round the dinner table with family and friends.

I am striving to be a better cook (mostly Mary Berry’s recipes) and to burn off the calories I run (slowly!) on the nearby moors where I live.

Support Children with cancer UKEver year I support a charity, this year I am running my first London Marathon on 26 April to raise funds  Children with Cancer UK

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