Vera is a professional coach (MA in Coaching & Mentoring) and learning & development consultant with a proven track record of helping people to progress, make successful changes, be better leaders and communicators, improve performance and team working. She runs Edimo Coaching & Development.

She draws on 20 years experience in leadership development, change management, performance management, business transformation and growth within the public & private sectors, NHS and higher education. She has a special interest in team working (subject of her research) and in helping working women thrive at work AND flourish at home.

Vera is a professionally trained coach, member of the European Coaching & Mentoring Council and has over 1,000 hours demonstrable client coaching hours experience working a range of people from Directors and managers to graduates and entrepreneurs from different industry sectors.

Vera’s areas of expertise are

  • Supporting leaders embarking on change and transition
  • Helping leaders to develop and communicate their leadership brand
  • Helping teams to be engaged, energised, collaborative, accountable and high performing
  • Designing and delivering bespoke and open workshops and programmes on coaching, mentoring and leadership development

She also works with women who are:

  • Stepping up in their role and progressing their careers
  • Developing their leadership brand, confidence, impact, gravitas
  • Transitioning from professional career to self employment / entrepreneurship
  • Returning to work after an extended break
  •  Helping women owned businesses to thrive

Vera runs the Ilkley Business Forum and the Aspiring Women’s Network and has a strong presence in her neighbourhood where she is championing local women as role models.

You can read more about Vera’s experience, qualifications and values.

To work with Vera or book a chemistry call contact her on 07990 731840 or send an email via the contact page

More about Vera

I was born in South America where I had an idyllic childhood until my early teens when this was shattered by civic unrest. My sister and I were sent to live in England with a spinster aunt. Lessons in resilience, determination, a can do mentality were abundant and gave me the courage and confidence to tackle anything that came my way.

I spent over 20 years working in the NHS with my last post as a secondment to the then NHS Leadership Centre. Following that I worked in higher education, with small businesses and in the private sector. Through this time I was engaged in developing people, honing my skills in leadership, coaching, mentoring, facilitation and teaching.

Along the way I gained a husband and 2 wonderful children and became a frequent recipient of NHS services. My first child was premature and spent the first 2 months in hospital coupled with my own 2 life saving surgeries and an altercation with a bus! Lessons gained include clarity of values and who and what are important to me, the significance of connectedness, purpose and meaning.

5 years ago I ventured into self employment and my work has become my life and my life is my work. It has become symbiotic of who I am, what I am and what I do. Lessons in adapting, flux, ambiguity, uncertainty, taking risks were plentiful and has resulted in agility, flexibility, an expansive world view and 2 quests:

  • To champion everyday leadership in our actions, communications and relationships – they are things that we do daily and presents unlimited opportunities for each of us to develop our leadership
  • To inspire women to become good role models for the future generation of girls within my community

Today I am at a place where I am doing my life’s work, am fulfilled, mindful and progressing my own journey into leadership…I hope that I will meet you on my travels

To work with Vera or book a chemistry call contact her on 07990 731840 or send an email via the ocntact page

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