Who you gonna’ call when things go wrong?

So far this year I have made 2 errors of  judgement which have both been costly as I have terminated my association with the people involved. Both were concerned with the poor and non delivery of services, not fulfilling mutually agreed expectations and a total lack of integrity.

As someone who places integrity and trust high on the agenda of any relationship, it was inevitable that if this was only present on my side then the relationship and any possible business transactions would be doomed.

Making those decisions and articulating them were easy. The hardest part was the coming to terms with the emotional side. I was plagued with questions such as:

  • Was it my fault? I am expecting too much?
  • Why did I not see this coming?
  • What’s wrong with my judgment and intuition?
  • How can other people and people who ‘do business’ behave in this way?
  • Why am I so stupid?

Emotions if not dealt with can fester and lead to psychological problems later on. It was important for me to acknowledge and manage my emotions by answering these questions. I had to go through the process of checking out with myself that I had done the right thing and had acted in a way that was congruent to my own values and beliefs.

It was important to for me to share my feelings with others. I suppose as a way of testing out that I had done the right thing and to use that phrase ‘get it off my chest’. As with any thing that ‘goes wrong’ reflecting and learning from the situation is a valuable one.

What do you do and who/what do you call upon when things go wrong?

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About verawoodhead

I'm an executive coach, leadership facilitator and learning & development consultant working with managers and leaders to develop the skills and behaviours to inspire performance and drive results; achieve promotion ; make successful career changes, be resilient and thrive at work. Within organisations, I help to facilitate better conversations, design learning interventions which deliver practical and lasting solutions aligned to business strategy and goals. Connect with me on Twitter @verawoodhead
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5 Responses to Who you gonna’ call when things go wrong?

  1. Vera – accepting that you’ve done the right thing can be difficult sometimes – I had a similar thing happen just over 12 months ago where I had to challenge someone behaviour and my intuition turned out to be right. Learning to trust my intuition was a hard enough lesson, but then I’ve had to live with the consequences. I know deep down that I’m right to close all contact with that person, but I still long for the relationship that we had before it went wrong.

  2. coachsue says:

    Like you Vera, I need to talk about things,and my husband normally obliges . Having a sounding board, as we know, is enlightening.
    Once the initial foot-stamping, swearing and teeth-gritting is over, I use my past experiences to know that life can be tough, but I’ve always been tougher…
    I tell myself to listen, learn and move on, this time with a few more degrees of wisdom…

  3. Jamie says:

    I hate when this kind of thing happens! I agree with you that reflection is needed to help process and learn from what happened. When I do that I find that most often, while I thought we had clear expectations, I’ve made some assumptions that weren’t correct. Glad you took action and worked through your situation!

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