Bringing you an inspiring line up of speakers for Coaches Connect Day:Yorkshire and the North

I am pleased to announce that the Coaches Connect Day:Yorkshire and the North taking place on the 22nd July at the Mint Hotel, Leeds has an inspiring line up of speakers and workshop presenters. These include:

Clive Wilson: Dzukani – transformation in coaching

Dzukani is taken from Chichewa, the language of the Malawian people.  It simply means “wake up”. Clive and his colleagues at Primeast have been helping people to “wake up” to the challenges and opportunities presented in their workplaces for about 25 years. In their coaching and facilitation work, they help people to take stock of who they are and what they bring to their “context”. This inevitably creates feelings which carry information relevant to their most powerful contribution. Recognising this and making a firm commitment to action is at the heart of the “Hero’s Journey” as proposed by Joseph Campbell. Here, the work of the coach is invaluable as people rarely make this journey unsupported.
Clive will run a flexible workshop for Coaches Connect that explores these concepts and provides the opportunity to try them out.

Clive is deputy chairman at Primeast, writer, speaker, facilitator and coach. He delights in travelling to share his insights with leaders and coaches the world over and runs workshops internationally. He is facilitating this workshop for Coaches Connect in lieu of a donation to the Open Arms Infant Home in Malawi. Open Arms looks after babies and children who have lost their parents to AIDS and tropical illnesses.

Zulfi Hussain: Improving team performance through working effectively with virtual and distributed teams 

Zulfi: is CEO of Global Synergy Solutions (GSS), author and internationally recognised speaker in the specialist areas of social enterprise, entrepreneurship and coaching & mentoring. He has worked across Europe, Asia and the USA on a range of leadership and management projects and has contributed to a range of Diversity programmes across the sectors as a Coach and Mentor for BT, ITV, Leeds Ahead, National Grid, and the NHS. He has won numerous awards for his personal and professional achievements and his contribution to Equality & Diversity and Social Inclusion agenda. 

He is an inspiring and tireless worker for charities including his own organisation Global Promise, which brings together local businesses to make a positive contribution within the communities they serve with the aim of helping to widen participation and extend social inclusion, particularly amongst ethnic minority and disadvantaged groups.

Jane Keep: Developing self care for coaches

Developing self care is a very practical and physical form of self development, and, can offer ourselves a greater sense of wellbeing and vitality during our every working and living day.  It also offers the potential to inspire those we coach, as, if they feel and see that we are ‘living’ in a way that supports us to remain steady and consistent, well and harmonious, then they can get a felt sense of this possibility for themselves, offering them the inspiration to build this for themselves too in their daily living and working lives.  This session will focus on the practical aspects of this 6 year study, presenting those who attend a possibility of deepening their own self care, and kindness to self.  It will include deepening our own self observation and self awareness, and, creating a deeper sense of self honesty.  It will be a practical, play-full, and participative session

Jane brings a philosophical consciousness to true wellbeing, authenticity, health and harmony in organizations, teams and individuals through coaching, facilitating, writing, and esoteric healing. She is freelance, also running an esoteric coaching and healing practice in Bristol, as well as an Associate of CIHM at Leeds University Business School. She is currently writing up her PhD on self care for coaches.

David Shindler: Coaching & Mentoring Through a Generational Lens

Employability and sustainability require continuing personal and professional development at any life stage.  There are now four generations in the workplace at the same time with implications for being more employable. 

What challenge does this present for a 23 year old managing a 64 year old who doesn’t want to retire? How does a 50 year old manager relate to a 22 year old in her team?  What opportunities exist for building effective relationships, resolving conflicts and making best use of the diversity of skills, experience and values? What are the attitudes and values of these different generations?  What generational influences affect your world view and practice as a coach or mentor?  What generational influences affect your clients in their relationships with others at work?   

David is a coach, consultant, facilitator, trainer and writer on employability, change and performance.  He has considerable experience of working with a wide range of organisations in leadership, management and organisational development, individual and team coaching, and personal effectiveness.With an OD consultancy  and police service background, he set up daSh Coaching Ltd  in 2009 to focus on employability at all life stages.  His first book, Learning to Leap, A Guide to Being More Employable, was published recently.

Zandra Moore and Jennifer Holloway:  How to market and sell your coaching business

An interactive and practical workshop for participants in which you will learn:

  • How to create a personal coaching brand
  • The power of referrals and how to generate them
  • Getting focused on sales – a few simple steps

Zandra Moore is founder and Director of Salescake and a qualified sales coach who is Vice Chairman for the Institute of Directors (IoD) in West Yorkshire and a qualified member of the CIPD and EMCC. Previously, Zandra was Business Development Director for PB Coaching and Sales Director for Simply Personnel. 
Jennifer Holloway is the founder of Spark and an executive coach specialising in personal branding. Formerly Head of Media Relations for Skipton Building Society, she has appeared on national TV and radio and is a seasoned business presenter

 Vera Woodhead: How does coaching support team working?

Does coaching support team working? Come and find out more in this interactive workshop. Drawing upon research conducted in coaching teams it will enable you to:

  • Discover coachees’ perceptions of being coached in a team – what helped them to work more effectively? What did they consider to be important when being coached in a team?
  • Hear about out how coaching has helped team working from a team’s perspectives and learn from their experiences
  •  Learn how to create the right conditions for team coaching:  trust, challenge, dialogue, safe space, team dynamics, relationships.…
  • Engage in discussion on some of the challenges of coaching in teams and learn how to overcome them
  • Take away practical ideas, tools and  techniques to use in your practice

 Vera is an independent coach, trainer, facilitator and a part time university lecturer in leadership. Utilising a systemic and eclectic approach she works with organisations, teams and individuals to improve the quality of leadership, business performance, engagement and to support change and talent development. Her research findings on, “How does coaching help to support team working” is soon to be published. She runs the EMCC Yorkshire Network and is on a mission to connect coaches.

I do hope that you will be able to join us on the 22nd July for networking, collaborating, sharing good practice, learning, inspiring ….lunch and open space event…. and much more…


About verawoodhead

I'm an executive coach, leadership facilitator and learning & development consultant working with managers and leaders to develop the skills and behaviours to inspire performance and drive results; achieve promotion ; make successful career changes, be resilient and thrive at work. Within organisations, I help to facilitate better conversations, design learning interventions which deliver practical and lasting solutions aligned to business strategy and goals. Connect with me on Twitter @verawoodhead
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2 Responses to Bringing you an inspiring line up of speakers for Coaches Connect Day:Yorkshire and the North

  1. Looks great, Vera! Looking forward to it. See you next week at the EMCC Yorkshire meeting – my first (at last).


  2. Vera says:

    I have been fortunate in gaining the support of fellow coaches to contribute. I hope that attendees will find the Day engaging, insightful and stimulating.

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