How do you decide on which networking event to attend?

 When you are self employed or run your own business there are many hats to be worn: selling, marketing, networking, accounting….and that’s even before you do the day job!

 All these aspects need attention, are equally important and need to be undertaken on a regular basis. They are like pieces of jigsaw which fit together and are integral as a whole to your business.

This week I have been focusing on networking. The first was listening to Jill Ezard’s journey of  leading change at Pace plc. This is an organisation that has gone from near bankruptcy to being the leading technology developer for the global payTV market. It was uplifting to hear that an organisation is doing so well in these austere times and also reassuring that many of the things that contributed to that success were things that I utilise in my own practice.

The second was a trainers meeting. I work as a coach as well as a trainer. And whilst my coaching contacts and networks have blossomed, it has been at a detriment to my training contacts. Meeting new contacts and forging new relationships will help to build this part of my business. It was stimulating and energising connecting with people who have a slightly different focus and persepctive.  

Networking can be expensive, in terms of time, cost of travel and drinks. So choosing the right meeting to attend is invaluable. A good question to ask is “Will it enable me to get the outcome that I seek? Which means that you need to be specific about the reason for attending – is for information, to gain new contacts, to speak to a specific person (s), get yourself known in a particular circle….

Before you go to another networking meeting, stop and think about the reason why you are attending and have some objectives in mind.

How do you decide which network meeting to attend?

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I help professional women, aspiring leaders and managers to get ahead, progress their careers, be confident and successful by developing their leadership skills and capability...through coaching, mentoring and skills development workshops. Connect with me on Twitter @verawoodhead
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